Riotopia Apothecary began as a simple hobby. I wanted to learn how to make my own wax melts, and eventually, candles. I thought it would be as simple as buying some wax and fragrance oil, melting and mixing, and voila! Wax tarts. Turns out, there are dozens of types of wax, and they all perform differently from one another based on multiple factors. Also, fragrance oil quality and throw varies greatly depending on multiple factors. It took months and months of testing and trying different waxes and fragrance oils mixes until I came across the perfect combination of waxes for my tarts, melts, and candles. Using every quality supply vendor I could, I have hand selected the best of the best of their fragrance oils as well. I hope you enjoy the end result of all of this hands-on research and experimentation!

We can do custom orders and scents if requested. Contact us and we can discuss your needs. Though we choose not to use dye in many of our products, we *can* do colors as well in a custom order. For any questions or concerns, please contact us via our Facebook page. If you can’t use messenger for some reason, use the email address listed on our Facebook “about” page.

Riotopia Apothecary is based in College Station, Texas.